What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?-Drugs Cause The Impotence

Moments of unexplained erectile dysfunction occur in every man’s life. Therefore it would be better to have a recipe at hand to avoid a difficult situation. Although causes of erectile dysfunction can be of various types, sometimes it can be caused by medicines that you use to treat other health problems. No need to panic if you have problems with erection. Such problems may disappear when treatment cycle is completed. To convince oneself, it would be better to clarify what causes erectile dysfunction.

Risk factors that prevent erection can include such diseases as diabetes, depression, mental illness, cardiovascular disease, and old age, as people tend to suffer from various diseases and take medicines that make sexual activity more difficult. Medicines that cause erectile dysfunction may contain compounds for preventing hypertensive crises (hypertensive agents and diuretics). These are, for example, propranolol, enalapril, inderal and others.

The second group of drugs that can cause erectile dysfunction include antidepressants and sedatives. These include Valium, Tofranil, Nardil, etc. Also included in this group are antiepileptic drugs.

Antihistamines are taken to resist allergic reactions. They can also cause impotence. Benadryl, Antivert, Phenergan are just a few of them.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, too, can cause male problems. They are taken to reduce edema and to relieve pain. Impotence may be after taking chemotherapeutic drugs, medicines for Parkinson’s disease and prostate cancer. Another group of drugs are the myorelaxants. In this case, cause is apparent. These drugs serve the diametrical goal because they relax the muscles. Erection of the penis can be problematic in such cases. Examples of myorelaxants are Norflex and Flexril. Among other reasons, we call alcohol, opiates, cocaine, marijuana, barbiturates, etc.

The aim of the treatment is not to forget, it is very important to act consistently. The most important thing is to prevent complications. You will not succeed without professional help.

There is one more important point to keep in mind: if life is to be saved, and you need medicines that cause ED, you can not refuse it, although it sounds sad. Taking medicines takes precedence in this case.  Priligy Generic Dapoxetine Online Pharmacy


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